Launching #protectfromfraud. The ability to verify organisations contacting you

By 5 May, 2017 Blog

Today we’re launching a new campaign called #protectfromfraud


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to verify every call, email, sms, letter, invoice to check if it is genuine? 


We want to help raise the awareness of fraud especially when organisations contact you. Usually asking to validate who you are by providing personal information, without you evening knowing who they are! 

We all face this scenario time and time again. Receiving a call or SMS from an unknown number. The agent on the call states that they are from a particular company. But before they are able to proceed, they need to verify your details for security purposes. They usually start by asking for:

  • First name and Surname 
  • Address and post code 
  • Date of Birth 

Some organisations have a slightly more complex process. They may ask for:

  • the first line of your post code
  • the second half of your post code
  • the 2nd and 4th letter of your security code or pin

Again all of these calls and steps can sound real but can still be fraudulent in nature. 

In the recent TalkTalk data compromise in 2016, the entire customer database can be purchased online which provides fraudsters with all your personal details. The recent BBC Article shows the steps taken to provide legitimacy to the fraudulent operation. They even had a FAQ for their call agents on how to respond to customer’s questions including when they get suspicious!


We strongly believe in security and privacy and want to help change the current way companies and government operate. 

What we have developed with GoVerify is the ability for people to verify the call, email, sms, letter they receive is genuine and really from the organisation they are claiming to be.

We’re launching the #protectedfromfraud campaign to give people a voice and an opportunity to point out the types of fraudulent messages they are receiving. Please tell us about your experience with fraud and the companies and organisations you deal with that you would like to be able to verify when they contact you. 

We’ve also provided a way to upload examples of fraudulent messages you’ve received. You can upload examples of emails, letters, screenshots of texts etc. We’re planning to take the best examples and showcase it to increase awareness of the methods and techniques used to trick people. 

Visit and make your voice heard. We’d love to hear from you.


– GoVerify Team